Anders Indset RIGA COMM 2016 Key Speaker Business Innovation Conference

Anders Indset

Business Philosopher, Successful Serial-Entrepreneur, Management Thought Leader @ Keynote

He is one of the most sought-after Speaker in the field of leadership, branding and innovation.

Indset gives organisations a new and different approach to find creative solutions for coping with the challenges of the fast-paced digital age. Anders’ “new culture of leadership” is a unique concept based on efficiency and happiness that helps dealing with permanent change whilst maintaining sustainable growth.

Anders has the ability to furnish a deep understanding about the trends of tomorrow to his audience. Furthermore, his thoughts and ideas always keep the “Faktor Mensch” as one of the most relevant success factors, making his gigs not just inspiring but also human.

Thanks to his global gigs and his daily work with world-renowned experts, Anders delivers a critical perspective on the future impact of the information- and knowledge-society on the business world.

He shows tangible ways of how managers and leaders can handle the current speed of change. Anders can look back on ten years of consulting and can give the audience relevant insights into current and future trends on the business world. Furthermore, he has relevant knowledge in various industries and includes targeted content for the audience in his gigs.

Indset has deepening his expertise through his work for many of the German DAX companies as well as the “Hidden Champions” of the German economy through his highly successful creative communication agency. In 2013 Anders decided to move on and sold his share. Since then Anders invests and supports different projects in the field of cloud computing, software, e-waste recycling, e-commerce and an online print house.

His upcoming book “Wild Knowledge” deals with complexity of knowledge and the lack of wisdom in society. While society keeps gathering knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom, those who manage to find, structure, and exploit on the powers of “Wild Knowledge” will succeed – the untamed data, learnings and experiences that flourish in our lives, and in our minds.

In a world of permanent revolution and change the future will be improvised and society needs the ability to judge on which aspects of knowledge are applicable to business and life in general. The luring “Vicious Wisdom” forces to “unlearn,” to choose an approach of unthinking, in order to reach a deeper understanding, a meaning or reason – or simply to find new and different solutions. In the famous words of Anders Indset: “Simplicity is the most complex thing today”.

Anders audience will leave his gig with a precise and practice-orientated toolbox full of possibilities to execute the future. However, Anders is not forcing his audience into a one-size fits all solution but rather focusing on stimulating the thoughts and the mindset of the audience in a philosophical way. His unique style and combination of visionary ideas matched with concrete solutions makes his gigs an inspirational, instructive and relevant event for the audience.