Bianca Bender RIGA COMM 2016 Business Innovation Conference October 20

Bianca Bender

Co-Founder of Design Research Company and Senior Consultant Experience Design at Strategy Agency @ diffferent

Bianca currently works as a Senior Experience Design Consultant at the strategy agency diffferent in Berlin. With her in-depth knowledge on innovation processes, customer centricity and design thinking she consults and supports varied projects and clients. Her focus lies on the development of strategies and methods to deep dive into the user’s world, to gain a reflected understanding of daily routines and patterns in order to facilitate innovation and to build coherent user experiences and future visions.
Bianca co-founded the Design Research Company and previously worked at sedes research delving into the development of a toolbox for “hybrid value creation through partnering” for small and medium enterprises. Bianca has experience in various national and international design projects, teaching at universities and giving talks on her practical knowledge on the implementation of innovation processes and design thinking at enterprises.