Teemu Arina RIGA COMM 2016 Business Innovation Conference 700

Teemu Arina

Technology Visionary, Biohacker, Author and CEO @ Meetin.gs

He has a professional career of over 15 years as a technology entrepreneur, author and speaker. He is one of the forefront thinkers on the intersection of the man and the machine covering topics such as quantified self, biohacking, internet of things, cloud services, wearable computing, online learning, and digital health. Recently he received the Leonardo Award (under the patronage of European Parliament and UNESCO) for “Humanity in Digitization”. Mr. Arina is co-author of the forthcoming Biohacker’s Handbook for optimizing health and wellbeing with technological and biological tools. Mr. Arina is a popular keynote speaker who has presented internationally in countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Russia, the Netherlands, and Germany. Mr. Arina has held key advisory positions in national, international and EU development projects on topics related to online collaboration, e-learning, professional development, mobile learning and startup companies.