Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Workplace Happiness Advocate @ Proekspert

Tiina is a career counselor and workplace happiness specialist, who has published six books in Estonia and has been an editor for personnel-related magazine “Employment practitioner” for years. She lectures in schools and enterprises on topics such as workplace happiness, career planning, employer’s branding and systems of motivation. Tiina has participated in an Estonian Public Broadcasting program called “Jobseeker” as an employment counselor, and is also one of the creators for an e-schooling environment www.karjäärinõu.ee (an career planning e-course). Besides actively taking part in professional development – related issues, Tiina is also working as a workplace happiness specialist in software enterprise Proekspert. In the company, she has created, elaborated and implanted a career philosophy – unique in Estonia, but perhaps even the whole world – as a full circle of professional development. It keeps all the staff-related processes and the organization’s culture organic and vivid. With that project, Proekspert won the title of Top Employer in 2014, and 2nd place on the personnel projects contest.

Tiina, having a higher education in psychology, also defended her degree of psychodrama director in Tallinn’s Moreno Center last year, and is conducting a scientific research in Tallinn University of Technology about workplace happiness formulas and patterns.